Stone House Productions

Craig Rogers is the managing partner at Stone House, and also oversees budgeting, graphics production, and on-line editing. Craig studied film production at the University of Bridgeport, (BFA) and quickly established himself as a first rate on-line video editor in the metro New York area. In 1983, he was hired as senior editor at the Palace Production Center in South Norwalk, CT, eventually becoming its president. When Rabbit Ears Productions founder Mark Sottnick arrived at the Palace with a new children's storytelling concept in mind, he quickly found a creative collaborator in Craig, and within a few years time, had hired Craig to join him at Rabbit Ears as a staff director. As Rabbit Ears expanded, Craig took on more and more management responsibilities, soon becoming Vice President of Production. When Rabbit Ears Productions changed hands in 1996, the new owners shut down its production unit, and Craig, Cheryl, and John banded together to form Stone House Productions. Craig lives in Sandy Hook, CT with his wife Joan.