Stone House Productions
Stone House Productions, LLC is a Norwalk, CT based multi-media production company founded in 1996 by Cheryl Carlesimo, John McCally, and Craig Rogers. We've produced hundreds of television shows for NBC, Discovery Channel, Food Network, CNBC, National Geographic, WGBH, Discovery Home, Discovery Kids and Animal Planet. Our bread and butter is live action, non-fiction TV series production, but we have also produced specials, animation, educational programs, web content, and a food website. We have published dinosaur books with the Field Museum and Scholastic; and CD-ROMs on Ancient Egypt with Simon and Schuster and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our genres include reality, science, history, animals, lifestyle, health, and children's programming from preschool through tweens.  

As a full-service production house, we are typically involved in a project from pitch to post. We have shot at far-flung locations from the dino fossil beds of Wyoming, and the plains of Quebec City, to the peak of Mount Hood, and have delivered programming ranging from one-minute segments to hour long prime time specials on topics from The T.rex named Sue to Thanksgiving with Tyler Florence.  And despite taking on some very prickly projects, we've never blown a budget or missed an airdate. Knock on wood! 

We look at each project through the lens of "story", and allow the content to define the style. We work hard to make the process of producing TV a positive one, and take pride in the fact that the clients, writers, free lancers, institutions, and talent we've collaborated with in the past are happy to come back for more.  Over our careers, we’ve worked with many of the great names in acting and music: Susan Sarandon, Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Christian Slater, Kelly McGillis, Bobby McFerrin, Brian Eno, and Elvis Costello. Five career Grammy nominations, Daytime Emmy nominations, Humanitas Awards, several Parents' Choice Awards, two Ace Award nominations, and a James Beard Award all attest to the quality of our work. We've also had a lot of fun in the process!